(Posted 19 December 2011)

The primary proponent of the “aliens built the ziggurats” theory is Zecharia Sitchin, so this essay will be mostly a deconstruction of his theories.   In a nutshell, his theories go like this, for those who are not familiar with them:  


--There is a 12th planet in the solar system (he includes the recently demoted Pluto along with the sun and the moon as “planets”).  

--This planet has a widely elliptical orbit that carries it close to earth (and the sun) every 3600 years, then swings it out so far out beyond Pluto that modern astronomers can't see it--even though it is the size of Jupiter!

--During these close approaches to earth, the inhabitants of this planet (which he calls Nabiru), all of whom are amphibians, come back to life after 3600 years of hibernation and make the quick jump to planet earth where they act as our “Gods” doing such things as manipulating our genetic codes so that we evolve from apes into men, destroy us with floods and atomic warfare because we are getting too smart, teach us writing and other arts of civilization, use us as slave labor to extract minerals from the earth, use us to fight proxy wars between rival factions of “Gods,” and march into battle to help this earthly king or that conquer territory belonging to others.


--When the 12th planet “Nabiru” begins to move away from earth in its elliptical orbit, all of the “Gods” have to climb back into their space ships, return to their home planet re-assume their amphibian form and go back into hibernation underneath the waters of their planet (which is apparently the only way to stay warm on that planet because its orbit takes it billions of miles out into space far beyond frigid Pluto).



There is so much garbage and so many internal contradictions in this scenario that one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, or even where to begin if one wants to deconstruct it.  Perhaps the best place to begin is with Zecharia Sitchin himself.  I have to admit that when I read his first book The 12th Planet I was almost partly taken in by it.  He is an excellent story-teller and like any good writer of fiction he manages to weave enough true facts into his fanciful tales that for a time they seem as real as a Steven King “bumps-in-the-night” story.  I was several decades younger then and was into writing science fiction and so I saw Sitchin’s stories as possible source material for science fiction novels.  It was the type of thing you read with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek and a “well, maybe” attitude, without entirely disregarding it.  What he had to say was certainly entertaining and stimulating, and intellectually it was light years ahead of his competitors in that genre (von Daniken, etc.).  And, in a way it was refreshing to read one of these far-out theories that didn’t try to bring Atlantis in.  


But then I bought his 2nd and 3rd books hoping for more of the same (i.e. raw material for science fiction novels).  Unfortunately the errors and internal contradictions began to pile up too fast and it began to get to me, so I was unable to finish book two (I think I threw it against the wall and stomped it into oblivion).  Book three The Wars of Gods and Men I kept just for laughs (even though I was no longer writing science fiction), thinking that if I ever got back into Science Fiction I might want to read it.  I recently tried reading a little bit just for kicks and was ready to throw it against the wall after a handful of pages.  

Of course, I am much older and wiser now than when I read his first book and tend to be much more intolerant of pure, unfiltered Bull Shit than I was then.  I am also much better informed with regards to Astronomy, Evolution, Ancient Near Eastern history, and the languages of the Near East than I was a couple of decades ago.   


There are several criteria that I call my “Bull Shit measures” that should be applied to every book, fiction or non-fiction, to determine its level of validity, or conversely, its level of Bull Shit.  

The first of these measures has to be the Author himself (or herself).   What kinds of credentials does this person have to write this book?

The second measure is the number of factual errors in the book.  Too many factual errors can even sink a work of fiction, and is absolutely fatal to non-fiction.

The third measure is internal contradictions.  An author contradicting himself, or herself, or using too many historical anachronisms (such as ray guns, lasers, and space flight coupled with a medieval culture and economic system; think the “ring trilogy” for example), are examples of this third measure. 

The fourth measure is what I call “grasping at straws," and applies primarily to "non-fiction.”  This is where an author knows his/her case is too weak to be convincing, and being desperate for “evidence” of any sort he/she tosses in everything he/she can find including the kitchen sink, whether applicable or not, in the hopes that the sheer volume of “evidence,” spurious or not, will overwhelm and convince the reader.  This “grasping at straws” technique often results in additional internal contradictions and the gross errors mentioned in the above points.

Okay, now we will apply each of these points, or “Bull Shit measures,” to Zecharia Sitchin and see where we stand.


Bull Shit Measure number one, the author.  In any legitimate book, whether fiction or non-fiction, there will be a short paragraph about the author, either in the front or (usually) the back of the book.  This paragraph will tell the reader the level of education this writer has had, and what other experiences he/she has had that make him/her qualified to write this book.  Zecharia Sitchin’s books have no such paragraph about the author.  The only thing we know about him is that in the prologue to his first book we learned that he claims that as a child he studied the Old Testament in Hebrew.  From that and from his name we can assume that he is Jewish, but being Jewish alone does not qualify someone to write a book of this type.  Did these Hebrew studies take place in the United States?  In which case English would be his first language.  Or, did they take place in Israel?  In which case he could have claimed to be a native speaker of Hebrew which might have added to his credibility.  


But regardless of where Sitchin was raised, or what his native language was, nothing is ever said about his academic credentials.  Oh, claims are made that he is an internationally “renowned” scholar, but those claims are false.  He is not an internationally “renowned,” or even a locally “renowned,” scholar.   He has not produced even one sentence of serious literature to any of the Internationally recognized scholarly journals.  He does not even have a website like this one where he can post essays.  True scholars work in their field and contribute to their field.  Sitchin has done nothing of the sort.  But of course, true scholars have legitimate degrees from legitimate universities.  Since Sitchin does not even claim a B.A. degree, we have to assume he has none.  He appears to be largely self-taught, which is commendable, but insufficient to take on a work like he has attempted.  And, as a result his amateurism shows in far too many places.  He has managed to teach himself just enough Akkadian and Sumerian to be able to fool some of the people some of the time.  Perhaps he even fools himself.          

(Note: Since I first posted this essay someone has handed me Sitchin's 6th book of "The Earth Chornicles."  And, on the inside back cover, lo and behold, there exists a paragraph on the author.  Perhaps he has paid attention to some of the criticisms others have hurled at him in the past.   He apparently does have a degree of some kind from the University of London and then worked as a journalist and editor in Israel, but having a "degree" in journalism does not make him an internationally recognized scholar.  The fact remains that he has not contributed a single essay to a single, respected academic journal.   While it is true that in this 6th book he does evidence a bit more knowledge of ancient Mesopotamian History than previously, that doesn't stop him from placing things out of context, misinterpreting, making up his own "facts" on the fly, and telling outright falsehoods.  Case-in-point:  On page 128 of this 6th book "The End of Days," Sitchin translates the name of Jerusalem (UR SHALEM in the original old Canaanite) as "City of the Comprehensive God."  Now, if he knows even a smidgen of Hebrew as he claims, he knows that UR SHALEM meant "City of Peace."  The word "God" does not appear anywhere in that place name.  He knows that, but he also knows that his fans (those who are true believes and have purchased all of his books up to this point) are too ignorant to know the difference.  This lends weight to the theory that Zecharia Sitchin doesn't believe in the crap he his peddling anymore than do his detractors.  Bullshitting the public is just a way of selling a few books and making a little money.  Additional howlers abound in this 6th book as well.)


Bull Shit measure number two is the amount of factual errors.  Here are a few examples of his factual errors:  On page ten of his The Wars of Gods and Men, he states that “the Akkadian Language . . . . was the mother tongue of all the Semitic languages.”  It is statements like this that show his amateurism and lack of formal training in the languages.   By the time Akkadian came along, the Semitic group of languages had already split into four major groups of which Akkadian (as East Semitic) was only one.  Had Sitchin ever engaged in a comparative study of the Semitic languages he would have seen that Akkadian was highly evolved away from the original proto Semitic (because of the influence of Sumerian).  It would have been much more correct for him to say that Arabic was the mother language and Akkadian one of the daughter languages because classical Arabic is much closer to the proto Semitic postulated by Semitologists than is any of the other Semitic languages, and Akkadian is probably the least close.        


On the same page he says that “Prehistory” began in Mesopotamia “with the settlements of the Olden Gods.”  Well, no.  One might say that history began in Mesopotamia because they (the Sumerians living there) developed the world’s first true writing system and the world’s first literature.  But to find the beginnings of “pre-history” we would have to go back to our hominid ancestors in East Africa.


On page five of the same book he says that the Hittites only went to war when the “gods gave the word.”  Well, no.  The Hittites, like everyone one else, went to war whenever they felt it was in their own best interest to do so.  And, of course, every king and every army in every single country throughout all the ages of history always claimed that they had divine sanction (i.e God so-and-so told me to go to war) for the obvious propaganda reasons and to make one’s troops fight harder.  (That is like certain politicians today saying that “God told me to run for President.”)


On page 20 he says that “when Cyrus ascended the throne of Anshan in 549 B.C. his land was a distant province of Elam and Media.”  Where does this guy get this kind of misinformation from?  Cyrus actually assumed the throne of Persia in Anshan in 559 B.C. as a vassal of his Grandfather, Ishtugewe, king of Media, ruling from Ecbatana.  Cyrus’s Persia was never a “distant province of Elam” because Elam had ceased to exist as a polity before Cyrus came along.  Cyrus rebelled against his grandfather in 553 B.C., finally killing him in 549 B.C.  He was offered the throne of Ecbatana in 546 B.C. but refused, preferring instead to call the empire the “Persian” Empire and built a new capital at Persepolis.


On the same page and the page following Sitchin screws up the ascension of Nabu Na’id to the throne of Babylon, then he takes at face value Persian claims that Marduk, the Patron deity of Babylon, sought Cyrus out and commissioned him to restore Marduk to his rightful place in Babylon.  In reality it may have been members of the Marduk priesthood who invited Cyrus into the city of Babylon.   And, again on page 21, he says that Cyrus was able to take Babylon without bloodshed, when in actuality there were a series of very bloody battles fought between the forces of Nabu Na’id and Cyrus just to the north of Babylon resulting not only in the deaths of Nabu Na’id’s son Belshazzar and thousands of soldiers, but in the extermination of the entire city of Ophis by Cyrus as a way of terrorizing other cities to capitulate without fighting.

And, so it goes, page after page, the same kinds of half truths, amateurish mistakes, and out right falsehoods throughout all of his books.


The third Bull Shit measure is internal contradictions.  The most glaring internal contradiction is the constant appearance of the “Gods.”  Sitchin takes at face value, and expects his readers to follow him on this, every single ancient writing that claims that this God or that God directed this or that action.  As mention above, for propaganda purposes every king in the ancient world had to claim that his actions (what ever they might be) were guided by this or that God, and that he made no move unless instructed by the Gods.  And, yet, we are told by Sitchin that all of these Gods are amphibians who come from a planet that passes by earth only once every 3600 years.  

So, in other words, if you’ve got these “Gods” running around on earth putting Egyptian pharaohs on thrones in 3100 B.C. and setting up Sumerian city states and then hanging around until 2400 B.C. to set Sargon the Great up on his throne, and then hanging around earth to have a big nuclear war in 2100 B.C., and then still have them hanging around in the mid 6th century B.C. to march at the side of Cyrus the Great when he conquers Babylon, and then 600 years later they are still hanging around to make sure that Jesus turns out all right!—if you’ve got all of that, then you can’t have your planet disappear into deep space for 3600 years.


I thought that these guys were supposed to behave like good amphibians and climb back onto their planet of “Nabiru” when it was still close to the earth, so they could go back into hibernation under the waters before their planet got too far away.  According to Sitchin’s own thesis these Gods are supposed to hibernate under water during all of that time (of 3600 years) until their planet made another swing towards the vicinity of Earth.  If you’re going to play that game (the elliptical orbit of “Nabiru”), you can’t have these amphibians hanging around planet earth fighting all of these land wars along side the earthly kings for that entire 3,000 year plus period of history.


This planet “Nabiru” that Sitchin invented, he describes as being much larger in mass than planet earth, "almost Jupiter-like in size."  Can you imagine the tidal waves and earthquakes it would cause were it to ever approach anywhere near the vicinity of our planet Earth?


While Sitchin does claim a major world-wide flood some 13,000 years ago caused by the approach of this planet (gradual flooding was actually caused by the melting Ice Age), he conveniently forgets about the tidal and gravitational havoc that his supposed planet would cause during each and every subsequent pass it made near earth’s vicinity.

If you are going to play that game (that the planet “Nabiru” caused a world-wide flood 13,000 years ago), then your planet has to cause the same type of world-wide flood each time it passes close by the earth.  It would have destroyed all of the cities those supposed Gods set up, it would also have destroyed all of mankind’s cities and civilizations many times over.  


Mankind has been recording history for the last five thousand years and there is absolutely no mention in any culture anywhere of those types of events happening within historical times.  So, even assuming that the planet did a fly by before civilization got started, then we’re well nigh unto two thousand years over due for another fly-by by this planet Nabiru.  So where is it?  Why is it so late in making another appearance?  Actually there would be ample evidence in the geological record of such catastrophes happening every 3600 years were this planet and its 3600 year fly-bys for real.  And, of course there is none.  There is no evidence and there is no planet “Nabiru.”

If you are going to play that game (that the planet Nabiru caused a world-wide flood 13,000 years ago, then your planet has to cause the same type of destruction each time it passes.  So where is it?


To put this another way, if this 12th planet comes into our orbit and passes by Earth every 3600 years annihilating everything on Earth through cataclysmic flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and a sudden 90-degree pole shift (as Sitchin himself claims), then why can we still bear witness to the clearly visible evidence of civilizations that were flourishing over four thousand years ago?  How come there has been no pole shift in the last 800 MILLION years?


To put this yet another way, the archaeological evidence in Mesopotamia that Sitchin claims to use to “prove” his theories would not exist if his planet Nabiru existed and came anywhere within millions of miles of earth’s vicinity.  It would have all been obliterated—based on his own conclusions about what happened when it supposedly passed by 13,000 years ago.


Not to mention the fact that a planet of that size with such an extreme elliptical orbit violates Keppler’s laws of Planetary Motion and Newton’s law of Gravitation.

Stop and think for a moment.  You do not have to be a scientist.  If this planet generated enough of its own internal heat that it could keep its “amphibians” warm in their water world when the planet is way out in deep cold space beyond Pluto, what do you think would happen to all of that water once that planet got as close to the sun as the Earth is?  Answer:  The sun’s heat combined with the planet’s own internal heat would fry everything on the planet.  (Maybe that’s why all those amphibian aliens have to jump ship and come to earth every 3600 years!).  Problem is, they would have no water world to go back to because all of the water would have been boiled right off of the planet.


And, actually these “amphibians” would have never existed in the first place because the constant loss of their atmosphere and their water during these fly bys would have prohibited the evolution and survival of ANY form of life, much less one intelligent enough to colonize earth and be our “gods.”  Even Jupiter, with its huge mass and its own energy system, would loose its atmosphere if it did not stay put in its near circular orbit.  Even your local weatherman on TV can tell you that atmospheric dynamics are predicated by the relationship between a planet and its sun.  


The fourth Bull Shit measure is the one I call “grasping at straws.”  Examples of this type of thing are where Sitchin, and others of his ilk, call every “pointy” thing in every single ancient inscription or work of art a “rocket” (even if it is really a spear or a stylized representation of a tree) and every round or disk shaped object is a “flying saucer” even if it is really a representation of the moon, or perhaps even a dinner plate.  And, oh yes, the mixing of metaphors: “Flying saucers” and “rocket propelled spaceships” also register in the third “Bull Shit measure” category.  

Any society advanced enough to have command of an energy force capable of propelling “flying saucers” is not going to still be using rockets for space travel.  That’s like choosing to travel across the desert to Las Vegas in your donkey cart when you’ve got an air conditioned Mercedes sitting in your drive way, or drawing water from a well when you have indoor plumbing—or like sitting in your medieval age castle in the tenth century watching Abbot and Costello re-runs on your digital TV and shooting flies off the castle wall with your laser ray gun while your serfs are outside washing your 1957 high-finned Cadillac with high pressure water from a nearby faucet while their wives are drawing water from a well and hauling it by hand in buckets to their straw hut shacks—all of which have TV antennas on their roofs.


“Grasping at straws” is why Sitchin seeks out every single instance in ancient history where a king, priest, or prophet, has said that such and such a God has spoken to him, or ordered him to do such and such, as “proof” of his theories about the aliens.  In other words instead of limiting himself to a few select instances that might work the best in terms of making his thesis believable, he destroys his entire thesis by taking at face value every single piece of political propaganda by every single king, priest, and prophet from the ancient world regardless of which god or gods they claimed to believe in.

In other words, mankind is not responsible for any of his history, because the aliens did it all by just using us (our ancestors) as pieces on the chess board of planet earth.


Another example of “grasping at straws” is using the pyramids.  Any time anyone tries to tell you that the aliens built the pyramids, you know that they’re bull shitting you.  (In this regard please refer back to the companion essay on the pyramids).  Or, how about the Hopi Kachina dolls?  The feathers and other accoutrements extending out from the masks of the Kachina dancers which represent birds, insects and their mandibles, the sun and its rays, and a whole menagerie of things that occur naturally in nature, are suddenly transformed into space helmets and air hoses by the rich imaginations of the true believers in the “aliens did it” fantasies.  

Another way to phrase the “grasping at straws” syndrome is “if it hasn’t been explained yet, or you just plain don’t understand it, then it must be the aliens.”


I personally have nothing against aliens.  ET was a cute little guy, and aliens may well have landed at Roswell—but they didn’t build the pyramids and they didn’t built the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, and they didn’t teach us writing, and they didn’t manipulate our genetic code to create mankind, and they didn’t set up space ports on this planet.


Reading Sitchin it becomes obvious that this is a person who developed a theory and then spent his entire adult life trying to find “evidence” for his theory and when he couldn’t find that evidence he twisted the myths and legends of unrelated cultures (and the translations of those myths and legends) in order to make them seem to support his theories.  Every passage in the Bible, every myth from Mesopotamia, from Egypt, Greece, or wherever had to manipulated, and the translation altered, until it fit his theories.  

And when that wasn’t good enough he just plain made things up.  For example, on page 421 of his first book The 12th Planet, he says that Dilmun (the name of an ancient civilization in eastern Arabia and Bahrain) meant “the place of the missiles.”  In reality, there is no scholar on the face of this planet (or any other planet in our galaxy) that has come up with a meaning for the word “Dilmun,” or “Tilmun” as it is sometimes rendered.  Since there was no legitimate meaning available for Dilmun/Tilmun in the scholarly literature Sitchin felt it was fair game and so he invented his own meaning.  “Place of the missiles,” my ass!


Just for good measure, here are a few more howlers from the tail end of Sitchin’s third book "The Wars of Gods and Men," which should be re-titled "The War Against Sanity":

ONE:  The Sumerian city of Eridu was established 445,000 years ago, which he calls “Earth Station one” for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.  (Eridu is at best six-thousand years old).

TWO: 400,000 years ago a space port was established at Sippar, Mission Control Center at Nippur, and a medical center at Shuruppak.  (And all of this when these cities were not established until six thousand years ago at the earliest).

THREE: The best howler of all:  300,000 years ago Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation of Apewoman Eve.  Enlil brings the “primitive workers” to Edin in Mesopotamia.  The "Gods" then give these "primitive workers" the ability to procreate and Homo Sapiens begins to multiply.  


Let me see if I’ve got this right.  Here he is telling us that the Homo species did not have the ability to procreate until the “gods” gave it to them 300,000 years ago!  If that is true then there could have been no “Apewoman Eve,” and none of today’s Chimpanzees and Bonobos exist, because after all, they did not have the ability to procreate.  Nor did Australopithicus Afarensis, Homo Habilis, or any other form of fossil Hominid exist, because after all, they didn’t have the ability to procreate.  

Oh, and by the way Edin was not in Mesopotamia, but in SW Arabia (please refer to the Garden of Eden essay on this website).  Oh, and by the way (number two), fully human Homo Erectus had been around for well over a million years prior to 300,000 B.C., so where does he get this “Apewoman” shit from?  Here Sitchin is illustrating his monumental ignorance of the history of Hominid presence on this planet as well as denying the scientific process of evolution itself.  In other words our ancestors did not have the ability to evolve into Homo Sapiens over a period of millions of years, therefore the aliens must have done it for us.

Here are a few more howlers for your entertainment:


ONE: 75,000 years ago “regressive types of man roam the earth.”  Does that mean more regressive than his mythical “Apewoman?”  The only two types of human alive at that time were Cro-Magnon man (who essentially was modern man), and the Neanderthals.  The Neanderthals of Europe did develop heavier brow ridges at this time but this may well have been simply a response to the colder weather of the Ice Age.  Whatever the cause, their cranial capacity remained slightly larger than ours, so they could hardly be called “regressive.”

TWO: Agriculture begins only because the god Enlil agrees to grant implements and seeds to mankind.  Us poor dumb humans, we could have never figured out how to plant crops, or make implements on our own!  Even after millions of years of evolution.

THREE: 10,500 years ago, the Sinai peninsula is retained by the Annunaki for a post-Diluvial spaceport.  


FOUR: 3450 B.C.  The God Marduk proclaims Babylon “Gateway of the Gods.”  The “tower of Babel” incident occurs, and the Annunaki confuse Mankind’s languages!  This one is a real gem.  Okay, to begin with the God Marduk is not mentioned in literature until near the time of Hamurabi (c. 1900 B.C.).  While it is true that the word "Babylon" (bab ilii in Akkadian) meant “Gateway of the Gods,”  Babylon did not exist until it was built by Sargon the First (c. 2350 B.C.)—a thousand years after Sitchin’s 3450 B.C., and even then it remained an obscure village until the Amorites made it their capital city in the 19th century B.C.  

As for the “Tower of Babel” incident, one supposes that he is referring to the Biblical account of the “Tower of Babel,” which was written during or shortly after the so-called “Babylonian captivity” of the Jews in the 6th-5th centuries B.C.  The “Tower” in question was the famous Ziggurat built by Nebuchadnezzar early on in the 6th century B.C.  There were other Ziggurats in use throughout Mesopotamian history, but none were as tall as was the one built by Nebuchadnezzar and which became the subject of the Biblical story.  (Please refer to the Tower of Babel essay on this website for more information).  


As for the “confusion” of languages, oh yes!  Of course!  After tens of thousands of years of different tribes of mankind living in different parts of the world, obviously they could have never evolved different languages on their own.  

In actuality, the Biblical account included that “confusion” of languages story for the simple reason that Babylon of the 6th century B.C. was a multi-cultural melting pot where a plethora of languages were spoken just as in any large metropolitan capital city of today.  It had nothing to what-so-ever to do with the “Tower of Babel” or the punishments of any God or Gods or space aliens.


From here Sitchin goes on to have Egyptian gods helping Sumerian kings build Ziggurats.  Talk about the mixing of metaphors.  And it just goes on and on and on.  I could sit here and write for weeks pointing out all of the historical and linguistic errors, internal contradictions, and just plain made up “facts,” but I hope that all of my readers, including all of the new-agers, have gotten the idea by now.

As for the “Bull Shit” meter, it has been maxed out in all four of the above-mentioned categories.  But at this point I still can’t figure out whether Zecharia Sitchin really believes the crap he his peddling, or if he is just laughing all the way to the bank after having taken advantage of the naïve, the ignorant, and the delirious and swooning new-agers.  Either way, it is sad, sad, sad.

For more on Zacharia Sitchin check out PALEOBABBAL on www.michaelsheiser.com
ScrolL down to the categories on the right hand side, then scroll down to Sitchin.

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 Highly original thriller by author with richly relevant background 

This thriller has movie written all over it. An ancient tablet is discovered that undercuts the foundations of both Christianity and Islam. That in itself is a gripping and original idea: imagine such a discovery in today's world, which in fact is the story's setting. But there's more. The tablet gives instructions for reawakening an older, vengeful god, who offers all humanity a kind of Faustian bargain: live forever, in peace, enjoying vast knowledge--but only in return for unquestioning devotion and surrender of free will.  This "god" is an artifact buried on the moon by ancient space travelers.

The Jericho Tablet does what a thriller is supposed to do, which in my view is: (1) keep you up all night reading, and then (2) keep you trying to mind-cast the movie.
Janis Weisbrot, copy editor for Seven Stories Press


A Great Read 

The Jericho Tablet is a fast-paced novel that is a genuine page-turner. The author uses his extensive background in archaeology, languages, Middle East cultures, and the NSA to tell a contemporary (although set in 2020) and original story that both entertains and educates. The Jericho Tablet is filled with believable characters and incidents in the USA, Russia, and the Middle East. The ending both surprised and worked for me. The author also deftly interweaves simultaneous events taking place in different locales. The Jericho Tablet has all the ingredients to make a great film.

Donald Michael Platt, former script writer and author of the award-winning novel Rocamora




Government conspiracies, religious fanatics, ancient myths, global intrigue and science fiction spice this thriller. Barry Webb has used his knowledge of ancient history, near eastern culture and US government agencies to write a fast-moving story that is peopled with believable characters. I was caught up immediately and stayed captive until the end. Recommended reading!

Fran Marian, author of Carved in Stone and The Rug Broker

“This is one Exciting Read.  The Jericho Tablet is a thriller that has many parallels and similarities between our present world and what could very well happen in the future. Rich in history and understanding of the Middle Eastern mind renders this work extremely educational as well.  I learned a lot. The tempo never slackens and the author’s masterful ability to switch scenes on a global stage while retaining plot continuity at a heated pace keeps the reader wanting more.  Like a proverbial “literary box of chocolates,” after one or two chapters of this page-turner, I can assure you that you’ll be hooked!”   

Col. Richard F. "Dick" Brauer Jr. USAF (Ret.) Co-Founder of Special Operations Speaks.