In a previous essay we discussed the origins of the “Jonah” in the “fish” story and noted how the first “Jonah” (Yuhan/Oannes) was co-equated by the early Gnostic Christians with “Jesus Christ.”  This of course, is one avenue by which the “fish” symbol came to be attached to Christianity.  Another parallel is Jonah’s being confined in the body of the fish for three days and three nights just like Christ was confined in the tomb for three days and three nights.  Both myths drew upon the real fact of the moon (as personified by the Babylonian moon god Nanna-Suen) being swallowed up by the great abzu (abyss) that wrapped around the world.  After being swallowed by the abzu (abyss), the moon god Nanna-Suen then traveled the underworld (to shine his light upon those who have died), only to be resurrected (or regurgitated by the abyss) at the end of the three days.


Yet another avenue by which the fish became a symbol for Christianity can be found when we once again look back into ancient Mesopotamian mythology.  In the trilogy The Last King of Babylon there is mention of the Enki and Ninhursag Myth.  The earliest version of this story that we have, dates from around 2,000 B.C., but it is a copy of much earlier versions.  In Mesopotamian mythology, the god ENKI, whose name in Sumerian means “God of the Earth,” is also ruler of the abzu the great fresh water ocean that underlies the salt oceans, wraps around the world and serves as the common source of all rivers on earth, as well as providing water for the rain clouds (please refer to the essay on the Garden of Eden for more details).  In his capacity of “Lord of the abzu,” ENKI personifies the healing and purification powers of the sweet waters in rivers and from rain (Jacobson, Thorkild, The Treasures of Darkness, 1976, pp. 110-112).   And, this, of course, is where we get the idea of “baptism” by water for purification.

Another early Sumerian myth has ENKI claiming the following:

“My father, the king of heaven, and earth, had me appear in the world.  I am the foremost son of AN,  . . . .”   (ENKI and the World Order from www.gatewaytobabylon.com) "AN," of course, was the Sumerian word for "God," "Heavan," and "star."

This is an obvious proto type for Jesus Christ, here we have the great Creator Father God, Lord of heaven and earth, sending his begotten son ENKI to appear in the world as God of this world.


And that’s not the end of the connections.  In Mesopotamian mythological art ENKI is usually pictured showing the Tigris and the Euphrates flowing out of his shoulders, or flowing out from a vase he holds.  In many depictions FISH are swimming in these streams (Jacobson, 1976, p. 111; Kramer, Noah, Craddle of Civilization, 1967, p. 101).

To sum up, we now have ENKI being the Son of the God of Heaven and Earth, also being sent down to this earth to be the Lord of this World, and we have the water purification/baptism connections, and then the fish symbol once again—in addition to the Jonah/Oannes myth.  In other words, the makers and fashioners of Christian mythologies in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries A.D., drew on some very ancient, deeply ingrained, Near Eastern myths, reworked them so as to reflect a “Christian” context, then marketed the whole thing as a “new” religion when it was anything but new.





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